LED Dental launches RioSensor intraoral radiography system from Ray Co.

March 12, 2015
Sensor offers high image resolution and durability for intraoral radiography.

Sensor offers high image resolution and durability for intraoral radiography.

LED Dental has officially launched the new RioSensor intraoral radiography system from Ray Co. Ltd., a spin-off of Samsung Electronics, in the United States and Canada. The RioSensor officially premiered at the 150th Chicago Midwinter Meeting and is the latest dental imaging product from Ray.

Boasting true resolution of fewer than 20 line pairs per millimeter, the RioSensor provides precise image quality. The sensor enhances the clinician’s ability to improve radiographic diagnosis through a variety of custom filters to optimize sharpness and contrast for endodontics, periodontics, and caries diagnosis.

“As clinicians, great image quality allows us to take our diagnostic capabilities to new heights,” said Jeffrey Brooks, DMD, Vice President of Imaging for LED Dental. “However, image resolution alone is not enough to meet the demands of the modern dental practice. The RioSensor also delivers enhanced durability and reliability to ensure a worry-free technology experience.”

“RioSensors provide a shock-absorption system for protection against drops, bites, and impacts, while a reinforced cable connection ensures durability at a point known for failure in other systems. The slim, proprietary cable design allows for extreme flexibility, while maintaining a high level of structural integrity to deliver years of worry-free use,” added Dr. Brooks.

Doctors and patients alike can rely on the RioSensor for both safety and comfort. The sensor housing is hermetically sealed and watertight to allow for submersible disinfection, preventing cross-contamination and damage to the sensor’s electronic components. The extremely flexible cable allows for positioning based upon any diagnostic need. Available in two sizes with tapered edges, rounded corners, and a thickness of only 5.3 mm, RioSensors ensure that patients are comfortable during examinations.

The RioSensor’s clinical workflow is designed to be simple and efficient. Active acquisition technology means that the sensor is always ready to capture images when needed, with no user intervention required to ready the sensor. The direct USB connection makes in-line boxes, buttons, and controls obsolete. The process of obtaining a high-quality image is as easy as positioning the sensor, taking the X-ray, and reviewing the image. And, integration with LED imaging software and a practice management system means clinical data is directly imported into the patient’s chart.

Finally, the RioSensor has a standard two-year warranty and optional lifetime product maintenance with no deductible, allowing clinicians to focus on caring for their patients.

“We are proud to be launching Ray’s RioSensor in both the U.S. and Canadian dental markets, bringing a new level of quality, dependability, and diagnostic confidence backed by reliable technology to dental and specialty practices across North America,” said Dr. David Gane, CEO of LED Medical Diagnostics. “With last year’s very successful entry of the RayScan Alpha Extraoral Imaging system into the dental imaging market, developing great intraoral imaging technology is the next logical progression for Ray.”

“LED Dental has continued to be our trusted partner in delivering imaging solutions to the U.S. and Canadian markets,” adds Dr. Sangchul Lee, CEO of Ray Company. “We are excited to further that relationship with our latest product release.”

For more information on LED Dental and the launch of the new RioSensor, please visit www.leddental.com or call (844) 952-7327.