Pilot with LED

Vista Dental offers Piezo Pilot and Co-Pilot ultrasonic scalers

Jan. 9, 2015
Piezo Pilot and Co-Pilot from Vista Dental offer powerful piezo ultrasonic technology in a quiet, compact, and portable design.
The benefits of piezo ultrasonic technology are extensive. Piezo technology offers improved tactile feel, greater control, and decreased patient sensitivity, when compared to magnetostrictive units. The Piezo Pilot and Co-Pilot from Vista Dental offer unprecedented power in a quiet, compact, and portable design.

Pilot and Co-Pilot scalers feature a broad range of power settings, making them ideal for any dental application. The Piezo Co-Pilot features two 350-mL fluid capacity reservoirs – one on each side –with easy-to-see liquid levels that make them easy to fill during procedures.

Each of the Piezo Pilot and Co-Pilot units includes a detachable handpiece, with or without an LED light; one set of hygiene tips with torque wrenches; and easy-to-remove silicone sleeves that can be repeatedly autoclaved. While every Pilot includes eight free ultrasonic tips with wrenches, every Co-Pilot includes 10 free ultrasonic tips with wrenches.

Vista Dental also offers a complete line of high-quality tips that fit all leading piezoelectric units, with an extensive selection for hygiene, perio, cavity prep, and endodontic applications.

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