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New composite materials from Kerr: Herculite XRV Ultra Flow and Sonic Fill 2

April 1, 2015
Kerr launches two new composite materials: the flowable Herculite XRV Ultra Flow and Sonic Fill 2, an improved version of Kerr's bulk fill composite.

Herculite XRV Ultra Flow combines the reputation of the Herculite brand with a new flowable composite. A special rheological modifier gives the material unique handling characteristics: The modifier encourages flowability when syringed and then increases surface tension after placement to ensure the material does not run or drip.

SonicFill 2, an improved version of SonicFill, Kerr’s bulk fill composite system, will be available in North America later this year. Sonic Fill 2 allows dentists to easily and reliably place and cure restorations up to 5 mm in depth in a single increment, and it also offers improved aesthetics.

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