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Air Techniques unveils the AirStar NEO air compressor and Mojave V7 dry vacuum system

May 4, 2015
At the California Dental Association annual meeting, Air Techniques unveiled two of its newest products.

Air Techniques, a manufacturer of dental equipment, unveiled AirStar NEO, a new generation of dental air compressors, at the California Dental Association (CDA) annual meeting. The Mojave V7 dry vacuum system also made its debut during the meeting, which took place April 30 through May 2, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.

The new AirStar NEO series combines Air Techniques’ exclusive Membrane Dryer technology and new integrated diagnostic monitoring functions for a state-of-the-art dental air compressor. Air is quadruple-filtered by the Membrane Dryer to ensure it is the cleanest and driest air possible, and controls provide trouble-free performance by allowing user settings and setup controls to be accessible from any room. The AirStar NEO is 100% oil-free and compact in size, and it features a full-color, digital touch-screen display. The system continuously monitors itself and delivers new diagnostic controls. AirStar NEO will keep users informed of preventive maintenance with smart alarms.

MojaveV7 is Air Techniques’ new generation of dry vacuum systems. This 100% oil-free and water-free vacuum system provides energy savings from a variable-output controlled motor. At the heart of Mojave is a single-stage regenerative pump that is controlled by a variable frequency drive. This technology maintains high flow rates and allows the pump to speed up or slow down to meet the vacuum demand of any dental office.

“The AirStar NEO and Mojave V7 will provide the practitioner with modern, compact systems that provide big benefits with outstanding performance,” said Robert Olivero, Air Techniques’ utility product manager.

Each system is backed by a five-year limited, extended warranty. AirStar NEO is offered in seven different models and can accommodate up to 10 users. Mojave V7 is available in two models and can accommodate up to 14 users. These systems can be purchased through Air Techniques’ dealer network.

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