Cement delivers bond strength, hydroxyapatite formation, and ionic release.

NuSmile launches BioCem Universal BioActive cement

Feb. 2, 2015
Cement delivers bond strength, hydroxyapatite formation, and ionic release.

Crown manufacturer NuSmile Ltd. today announced the launch of BioCem Universal BioActive cement, its first product designed for use with custom-fabricated zirconia and glass ceramic restorations.

“Over the years, our discussions with dentists made it clear to us that they needed, and their patients deserved, a luting cement that provides not just impressive bond strength but advanced biological properties as well,” said Diane Johnson Krueger, NuSmile’s president and CEO. “After years of intensive product development and testing, we are proud to say that this is exactly what BioCem delivers.”

“BioCem forms a superior bond between dentin and zirconia, lithium silicates and disilicates, or leucite glass ceramic materials. Moreover, it actively mimics and is available to replenish the physical and chemical properties of the natural tooth and surrounding structures,” said Mark Binford, NuSmile’s senior vice president for new product development. He added that BioCem also features a unique shock-absorbing, rubberized resin component, making it tougher than traditional cements.

Independent university studies confirm BioCem’s bond strength for cementing either zirconia or ceramic restorations to dentin. Additional studies have proven that BioCem forms hydroxyapatite, which is available to integrate with and replenish tooth structure — something that many resin and resin-modified glass ionomer cements cannot do. BioCem also releases phosphate, calcium, and fluoride ions into the oral environment. BioCem has been formulated and packaged into a convenient, simple-to-use, low-waste delivery system that does not require the tooth or zirconia restoration to be primed. As a result, BioCem delivers convenience, as well as time and cost savings.

“We are very proud of the benefits BioCem brings to dental practices and their patients,” said Krueger. “We feel that its superior bond strength in the most popular anterior and posterior full-coverage esthetic restorations, coupled with its unsurpassed biological benefits, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, truly makes it the ultimate universal cement.”

Additional information about BioCem can be found at www.nusmile.com/biocem.