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StarDental introduces 430 Torque high-speed handpiece

June 6, 2016
StarDental, a manufacturer of dental handpieces, recently introduced the newest member of its 430 high-speed handpiece line, the 430 Torque.
StarDental, a manufacturer of dental handpieces,recently introduced the newest member of its 430 high-speed handpiece line, the 430 Torque.

Ergonomically designed with rugged 100% stainless steel construction, the 430 Torque is outfitted with a satin finish, resulting in a stylish yet durable handpiece. The 430 Torque is available with or without fiber optics, and either a lubricated version or StarDental’s patented LubeFree version for substantial cost and time savings.

The StarDental 430 Torque offers 27 watts of power. The double-bucket rotor design and dual air control maximize airflow to the turbine. The coaxial water spray optimizes the direction of the water pressure in order to thoroughly cool the bur and flush the working area, keeping the instrument and the operatory site cool and clear. A vortex washer design minimizes harmful debris and “suck back” into the housing of the handpiece, reducing unwanted buildup that could lead to eventual turbine engine damage.

The small head design of the StarDental 430 Torque aids with oral accessibility and operatory field visibility, and the high power enables fast and precise removal of tooth surface and amalgam. The balanced design and angled head of the 430 Torque allows for a neutral wrist position, an important factor in minimizing hand fatigue. The low noise level of the 430 Torque reduces the possibility of auditory damage and provides a more pleasant patient experience. The dual-beam glass design prevents shadowing in front of the bur to assure an unobstructed, clear view regardless of handpiece positioning or lighting.

For more information about the StarDental 430 Torque or to request a demo, visit

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Source: StarDental press release, 12 May 2016

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