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Hu-Friedy expands EverEdge 2.0 line with sickle scaler designs

Oct. 11, 2016
Hu-Friedy has announced sickle scaler designs, the newest addition to its EverEdge 2.0 line.
Hu-Friedy has announced sickle scaler designs, the newest addition to its EverEdge 2.0 line.

Hu-Friedy, a manufacturer of dental instruments and products, has announced the addition of sickle scaler designs to its line of EverEdge 2.0 hand instruments.

Hu-Friedy developed EverEdge 2.0 using a proprietary heat treatment process and enhanced finishing techniques. The optimized steel of EverEdge 2.0 has superior edge retention and wear characteristics that will last the entire life of the instrument. Since it’s not a superficial coating, these characteristics cannot be removed through use or sharpening. EverEdge 2.0 scalers can be resharpened at any point to extend their life and value.

Sickle scalers, designed for moderate to heavy deposit removal on tooth surfaces, are available for both anterior and posterior applications. This prominent design is most often used to remove supragingival or subgingival calculus and features either straight or curved blades.

Understanding the critical importance of scientific evidence in supporting product performance, Hu-Friedy engaged an independent, third-party laboratory specializing in blade technology, CATRA, to evaluate EverEdge 2.0 and several competitive scalers. Two characteristics were tested: sharpness of the scalers when brand new and sharpness after repeated use. The test results show that Hu-Friedy EverEdge 2.0 is 72% sharper out of the box than the next closest competitor. After repeated use (500 strokes), EverEdge 2.0 remains 50% sharper than the next closest competitor.

A sharper scaler is better because it is more:

• Clinically effective since calculus is easily removed, not burnished;
• Comfortable for clinicians, causing less hand and wrist fatigue;
• Comfortable for patients due to less pressure needed for calculus removal; and
• Efficient as less time is needed to scale.

EverEdge 2.0 instruments are available in the popular original EverEdge diamond-knurled, large-diameter handle, as well as the Resin 8 Colors handle, a lightweight resin handle featuring a color-coded system to make it easy for clinicians to identify scalers and curettes that correspond to certain areas of the mouth. The new purple grips allow for easy identification of the EverEdge 2.0 scalers in each setup.

Click here to learn more about the EverEdge 2.0 scalers or click here to learn more about the EverEdge 2.0 Gracey curettes. For additional information about the sickle scaler designs, visit

Source: Hu-Friedy press release, 30 September 2016

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