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PreVu launches new cosmetic dentistry simulation software

July 12, 2016
New PreVu cosmetic dentistry simulation software allows dental professionals to illustrate potential treatment outcomes to increase case acceptance and more.        

New PreVu cosmetic dentistry simulation software allows dental professionals to illustrate potential treatment outcomes to increase case acceptance and more.

In the 2015 "State of the Industry"study from the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), only 26% of dentists reported that their patients were the primary initiators of cosmetic conversations, a decrease by four percentage points since the AACD's 2013 study.

Patients often do not realize they have cosmetic issues, are hesitant to inquire about treatment, or do not understand the positive impact that cosmetic dentistry can have on their self-image, as well as their social and professional lives. It is up to the dental team to introduce cosmetic treatment recommendations and inspire patients to accept them.

PreVu cosmetic dentistry simulation software gives dental professionals a subtle way to initiate conversations about cosmetic dentistry. With the software, dental professionals can graphically alter a photo of a patient's smile to create a simulated smile. Comparing the patient's natural smile to the simulated smile to show the patient the potential outcome of treatment will often convince the patient of the cosmetic benefits of treatment and help with case acceptance without leading the patient to feel pressured. The simulation can be instantly converted into a personalized, practice-branded visual aid that can be printed or e-mailed to the patient.

The smile preview has several benefits:

• It allows patients to recognize dental problems; recognizing that there is a problem is the first step in considering treatment.
• It acts as a visual reference that can extend the case presentation for patients who consider treatment decisions after leaving the office.
• It is a marketing piece that patients can share with family, friends, and colleagues to gain their opinions on moving forward with treatment. Similarly, it can also increase word-of-mouth referrals to the dental practice.
• It can be used in discussions with other decision makers (such as spouses not present during appointments), so they can better understand the recommended treatment in order to agree to commit the necessary financial resources.

"In today's digital age, dental patients are more informed and have higher expectations than ever before," said PreVu cofounder, Joanne Villani, RDH. "Offering PreVu's simulation technology is an inexpensive way to support the perception by both patients and potential patients that a dental practice delivers state-of-the-art care."

The cosmetic dentistry simulation is not a guarantee of treatment results; therefore, each simulation comes with a legal disclaimer. However, a simulation can increase case acceptance because it enables patients to visualize themselves with younger, more attractive, whiter, brighter, straighter, healthier, or more balanced smiles.

With the initial version of PreVu, treatment simulations include a full smile makeover (orthodontics, dental veneers, dentures, crowns, bridges, teeth whitening, gingival grafting and recontouring, and closing spaces between teeth). Additional treatment simulations will be released over the next couple of months.

To learn more or sign up for a free demo, visit

Source: PreVu press release, 6 June 2016

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