Sultan Healthcare revitalizes its Upgrade Disposable Prophy Angles with five fresh new colors

Nov. 13, 2013
Sultan Healthcare has re-introduced its signature Upgrade® Disposable Prophy Angle in five fresh colors: yellow, blue, green, pink, and peach. Even the cup—once grey—will be swapped out for light lavender, giving the angles a completely refreshed look.

The five new colors—hand selected among hundreds of choices by Sultan Healthcare’s product team and the company’s advertising agency—mirror upcoming fashion, beauty and home décor industries’ trends in pastels. The results are striking.
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“It’s amazing what a color makeover can do to a product,” said Tim Lorencovitz, Sultan Healthcare’s marketing manager, who spearheaded the project. “In the market, Upgrade® Disposable Prophy Angles have been known as a quality angle for hygienists to use—now, it looks as good as it works.”

Although the new pastels will undoubtedly appeal to clinicians and patients alike, Lorencovitz added that the only change to Upgrade® is its color—long-time users can still expect the product’s performance to remain the same. In fact, Upgrade® Disposable Prophy Angles have been highly rated.

The innovative design of Upgrade®Disposable Prophy Angle makes using it a pleasure for thousands of hygienists and dentists across the country. The product features beveled and lightly lubricated gears for smooth performance. The angle’s web and ribbed cup is designed to flare and adapt to tooth contours to aid in cleaning.

Sultan Healthcare will be promoting the softer-hued Upgrade® Disposable Prophy Angles in coming weeks, including free product trials, so clinicians can see firsthand how this next generation product looks and operates. The product’s packaging has also been completely redesigned to showcase its contemporary palette.

“Visually, it’s a dramatic but positive change,” said Lorencovitz. “We look forward to seeing the reaction in the marketplace.”

To learn more about the reintroduced Upgrade Prophy angle, contact your Sultan Healthcare dealer or visit www.sultanhc.com.
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