Q Brush: New Interproximal Brush from NEXADENTAL

Sept. 25, 2013
NEXADENTAL releases new interproximal brush called the "Q Brush".

NEXADENTAL is pleased to offer Q Brush, the most advanced interproximal brush on the market.

Q Brush interproximal brush has two handle styles, straight and “L-type.” The L-type has a bend at the neck allowing for easy access to all areas of the mouth without bending the wire. Handles are color-coded by size. Q Brush comes in eight sizes to fit all spaces in the mouth.

Q Brush features a strong, stiff, plastic coated wire and the highest grade of nylon for the filaments. Use Q Brush in perio pockets, around implants and bridges without damage, around bonded orthodontic brackets and archwires, and under permanent retainers.

Daily use of Q Brush combined with normal toothbrush use and flossing helps remove food debris and controls and reduces plaque on healthy and inflamed gingiva. Q Brush interproximal brushes help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.

Q Brush is a practical choice for the office, with packaging options for in-office use, distribution, or resale. Free prescription pads allow patients to purchase directly from NEXADENTAL at retail pricing.