Piksters Size 8 And 7

Interdental Brush Buyer's Club now offering X-large Piksters

Oct. 9, 2013
The Interdental Brush Buyer's Club has expanded its product line to include new sizes of Piksters, including X-large, or sizes 8 and 9.

The Interdental Brush Buyer’s Club, an innovative and complete online resource for dental professionals, dental/hygiene schools, and their patients to purchase a wide selection of leading brand interdental brushes at significant savings and access valuable educational and clinical information, has expanded its product line with new sizes of Piksters – X-large, or sizes 8 and 9. The new sizes come in a 28-pack which includes 4 packets of 7 brushes. Both sizes are ideal for cleaning between teeth where larger gaps exist and which cannot be reached well with a toothbrush. The X-large Piksters, featuring a plastic-coated wire and a newly designed cap, are also well-suited for use by patients with orthodontic appliances and implants.

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In addition to carrying the X-large Piksters, the Interdental Brush Buyer’s Club offers a full range of other Piksters, including Sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, all of which are provided in either a 40 pack of one size or 10 pack box of 100 brushes which includes 10 packets of 10 brushes. The Interdental Brush Buyer’s Club also features a wide selection of Sunstar, StaiNo and TePe interdental brushes.

Pikster Size 8Pikster Size 9

Along with being able to access leading brand interdental brushes in many sizes, members of the Interdental Brush Buyer’s Club gain significant cost savings. Here’s how it works. Utilizing the website, dental professionals and dental schools introduce the recommended brush to their patients. The patients then enter the dentist office/dental school’s telephone number as a discount code to derive reduced pricing, which gives them an added incentive to purchase interdental brushes including a variety of Piksters, Sunstar, TePe and StaiNo products. The dental office/dental school then accumulates purchase credits at 7% of each patient’s purchase which then can be applied to purchase samples on the website. In addition to the purchase credits, dental professionals and schools always benefit from 15-25% reduced pricing and free shipping. Ultimately, the accumulated credits lead to significantly reduced costs and eventually what amounts to “free” samples.

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In addition to the savings and role in supporting patients’ compliance to their dentist’s or hygienist’s treatment plans, the Interdental Brush Buyer’s Club provides value-added offerings, including hygiene patient posters to help professionals start the conversation on the importance of using interdental brushes with their patients, along with personalized Rx pads to help them direct their patients to the Interdental Brush Buyer’s Club website and the various brushes they are specifying. Instructional text and 3-D videos are also provided to further enhance patient education and proper use of interdental brushes. For the professionals, the website also features clinical studies and abstracts which document the superiority of interdental brushes when used properly over other methods such as flossing.

For more information, visit: www.interdentalbrushclub.com or call the toll-free customer service number at: 855-442-2248 and select prompt “1”.