New from Defend: Krazy Cone Face Masks

Oct. 28, 2013
Defend recently announced the release of a fun new product called Krazy Cones. These face masks come in packages featuring faces of a dog, cat, rabbit, and pig that transform the dental experience for young patients. Particularly popular with pediatric practices, these fun new face masks have a non-glare pliable nosepiece, are cool and comfortable for breathing, are fluid resistant, have a soft inner layer for facial comfort, are fiberglass and latex free, and are 99 percent BFE/PFE free! Your favorite character masks can be ordered in boxes of 50 or you can try them all with a box of 40 assorted masks. Visit Defend's website for ordering information. ________________________________________Other new products from Defend:Omnicare antibacterial foam soapOmnicare hand sanitizer sprayOmnicare automatic dispenser ________________________________________