Tooth Commander

Tooth Commander t-shirts show love of dental profession

Oct. 15, 2013
Dental friends told Tija Hunter she was on to something
Meg Kaiser, Associate Editor

Tija Hunter, CDA, EFDA, has a passion for her profession, and that love has led her to a new venture designed to share the fun called Tooth Commander.

Tooth Commander is a line of t-shirts for dental professionals, and Tija’s personal favorite is the Diva, which is also popular with hygienists and assistants such as herself.

“I came up with the design about two years ago, and it was very well received,” said Tija. “It dawned on me to run with it and make t-shirts. The ones I’ve taken to trade shows have been a big hit,” including the one designed for dental labs called Tooth Commander … at the bench.

“I’d love to be able to go to more shows, but the darn things cost so much to be in,” Tija said.

She’s trying to remedy that dilemmas with a Facebook page, a website, and good word of mouth from her many friends in the dental profession.

“I hope to add some other items soon, such as window decals, mugs, cups, and cell phone cases,” she said.

For now she’s happy to share her love of teeth with her peers through her Tooth Commander t-shirts, a fun little sideline that probably won’t make Tija her millions, but it will give her the satisfaction of sharing the joy of the dental profession.

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