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Dux Dental PeelVue+

March 15, 2011
Visual guides help provide a proper seal.
OXNARD, California--How do you know your sterilization pouch is properly sealed and airborne contaminants cannot find their way in? To read more abourt DUX Dental, go to DUX Dental.Until now, there was no way to be sure the seal at the top of a pouch was properly closed. DUX Dental has announce that PeelVue+ now features visual guides printed on the pouch called Closure Validators. PeelVue is a pouch that provides dental professionals with a visual guide to help achieve the proper seal. Pouches that are not sealed properly have holes or gaps where contamination can seep in, defeating the purpose of the packaging. Closure Validators are another way the PeelVue Smart Pouch aids a dental office in sterilization, thus helping ensure patient safety. For more information, visit or call (800) 833-8267.To comment on this product, go to