Hager Mirawhite Oxygen

Jan. 11, 2011
Mirawhite oxygen whitening pen acts pH-neutral.

The Mirawhite oxygen whitening pen from Hager Worldwide acts pH-neutral and is free of peroxide.

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Thus, it provides a choice for tooth whitening for patients with sensitive teeth, gingival problems, or numerous fillings.

The pen contains 1.8 ml of gel for brush application. If applied twice a day for 14 days, the pen can help whiten teeth up to five shades.

The handy and slim design of the Mirawhite oxygen whitening pen is ideal for:

• Direct application, even in interdental spaces

• Exact dosage of the gel by a slight turn of the pen and end tip

• On-the-go touch ups

• Fitting into purses and glove compartments

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