Sept. 14, 2011
BLOSSOM is a technology in self-tapping screw-type dental implant architecture.
Intra-Lock has introduced BLOSSOM, a new technology in self-tapping screw-type dental implant architecture. BLOSSOM (patent pending) helps eliminate the need for conventional flutes and vents that traditionally define self-tapping implants. Implants augmented with BLOSSOM self-tapping technology feature a fully integrated tapping configuration that is distributed along the implant. They are angled and augmented by evenly spaced, crescent-shaped, helical cutting segments. This design is intended to mitigate the high compressive forces that build up when conventional tapping segments become clogged with bone debris, which can unnecessarily increase insertion torque. BLOSSOM self-tapping implants continually cut through the bone with efficiency and lower insertion torque. Ask Dr. ChristensenBLOSSOM technology is available on selected Intra-Lock Dental Implants.For more information, go to www.intra-lock.com.To comment on this product, go to community.pennwelldentalgroup.com/.