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Whip Mix Introduces the New Digital Water Bath

June 30, 2011
Louisville, KY – Whip Mix is pleased to introduce the new Digital Water Bath. The Digital Water Bath is a digitally controlled unit that maintains temperatures in a range of 32ºC to 71ºC (89.6 ºF to 159.8 ºF) to soften a variety of wax or compound materials. It features a digital temperature control with indicator light, LED screen that constantly displays the temperature in ºF or ºC, stainless steel casing, and a removable stainless steel pan. The Digital Water Bath is CSA and TUV approved.For more information on the Digital Water Bath call 800-626-56-51 or visit Founded in 1919, Whip Mix manufactures Hanau, Denar and Whip Mix articulators, dental gypsums, investments, waxes, furnaces, Jelrus burnout ovens, mixing equipment, and model trimmers for use in dental labs and dental offices. Whip Mix Dental Technology Solutions offers the Vericore System, which uses a state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology to mill custom Zirconia copings bridges, abutments, Titanium implant milled bars and abutments.

Whip Mix porcelain furnaces to feature firing schedules. Read about it here.

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