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Heraeus Mondial

May 12, 2011
New denture tooth integrates with existing tooth line, allowing greater smile customization and implant overdenture solution.
SOUTH BEND, Indiana--For years Heraeus, a leader in advancing dental esthetics and overall dental well-being, has helped edentulous patients achieve a beautiful, natural-looking smile. To read more about Heraeus, go to Heraeus.The company's lines of denture teeth--Premium, Mondial and Artic--have given baby boomers and patients of all ages an esthetically pleasing smile that offers fit and function. Now Heraeus is offering another option for patients who want strong, beautiful prosthetics: Mondial i. The latest addition to Heraeus’ lines of denture teeth is Mondial i. Mondial i is an extension of Mondial, the denture teeth that feature NanoPearl technology--an abrasion-resistant formula and INCOMP manufacturing methods. The addition of Mondial i, which integrates with Mondial for easy mix-and-match, offers dentists and dental technicians more options to customize dental care and help meet patients’ individual needs.“The Mondial line with its NanoPearl technology and natural layering will set a totally new standard in the way we look at denture teeth,” said T.G. Hornischer, Certified Dental Technician. “With the quality and selection of moulds, this will definitely be my choice.”Scheduled to come to market in May 2011, Mondial i Denture Teeth are a choice for special cases or unique customizations. Their increased transparency and enhanced incisal edge will meet the highest esthetic demands and please even the most demanding patients while blended layers of dentin and enamel create a natural, lifelike effect with adaptation to existing dentition. The three-dimensional layer blending found in Mondial i helps guarantee enduring color stability and long-lasting wear, and produces a shading effect that is virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. In addition, Mondial i’s denture acrylic with NanoPearl technology allows for abrasion and fracture resistance, as well as a lustrous, lifelike opalescence. Its true-to-nature moulds are identical with natural dentition. "The biggest concern for denture wearers is that their dentures may look ‘fake'” said Dr. Abdi Sameni. "Since using Heraeus' teeth, fake-looking dentures are no longer a concern for my patients. These highly precise CAD/CAM fabricated teeth possess extremely lifelike optical properties, such as opalescence and fluorescence, and are very natural-looking, strong, and attractive.” In addition to esthetics, Mondial i also offers fit, function, and reliability. A wide selection of anterior and posterior moulds, combined with CAD/CAM technology and INCOMP manufacturing processes, help ensure a dense, hard tooth, as well as consistent precision and a reliable fit. Intended for implants and fixed-removable prosthetics, the teeth have a widened base and increased volume that allow for improved papillae contouring and easier denture fabrication. In addition, the identical manufacturing processes and materials, as well as color stability for Mondial and Mondial i facilitate integration between both lines. Mondial and the new Mondial i meet esthetic requirements by offering strong, brilliantly beautiful, color-stable teeth. Mondial’s CAD/CAM moulds significantly increase the lifespan and esthetic value of denture teeth while Mondial i’s high esthetic performance, leads to distinctively natural appearance, and fit . Together, they provide a diverse range of teeth lines, giving dentists and dental technicians greater flexibility to meet patients’ esthetic and functional needs. For more information, call (877) 431-1785 or visit To comment on this product, go to