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Midmark PowrVac G

Feb. 18, 2011
PowerVac G generates an energy savings of up to 83%.
VERSAILLES, Ohio--Midmark Corporation has announced launch of a new dental vacuum, the PowerVac G. To read more about Midmark, go to Midmark.The PowerVac G is an energy-efficient dental vacuum. By using an intelligent energy management system, the PowerVac G can save an office up to 83% of the energy required to run similar-sized vacuum systems.Standard vacuum systems run at full speed all day every day while wasting energy and water, and creating excessive noise and heat. The PowerVac G monitors vacuum demand and only provides the vacuum necessary. This results in energy savings, noise reduction as low as 48dBa, and heat reduction of up to 30%. In addition, the PowerVac G has a waterless design, saving dental practices up to 240,000 gallons of water a year."The PowerVac G contains all the standard Midmark PowerVac features, including strong performance, maintenance-free operation, easily upgradeable and the best warranty in the industry," stated Bill Zulauf, senior product manager, air, vacuum and imaging products. "In addition, it is the industry's first and only intelligent, energy efficient dental vacuum. The PowerVac G offers dentists an environmentally-friendly and business-friendly solution."The PowerVac G is slated to be introduced at the 2011 Chicago Midwinter Meeting. For more information, visit comment on this product, go to