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DentalEZ elbow support

Feb. 17, 2011
System attaches to DentalEZ or existing stool and helps reduce muscular tension and fatigue.
MALVERN, Pennsylvania--DentalEZ Group, a supplier of products and services for dental health professionals worldwide, plans to unveil the new Free-Motion Elbow Support System during the 2011 Chicago Midwinter Meeting To read more about DentalEZ, go to DentalEZ.The comfortable Free-Motion Elbow Support System, which can be viewed at Booth #1405 at Chicago Midwinter, is compatible with DentalEZ dental stools or any stool available on the market. It is easily fastened to the stool cylinder. The telescoping elbow height adjustment locks in place quickly and securely with a simple thumb lever. The Free-Motion Elbow Support System supports the elbow of the dental professional without limiting movement or interfering with dental procedures. Designed to reduce muscular tension and fatigue, the ergonomic Free-Motion Elbow Support System features two free-moving, height-adjustable elbow supports that follow every movement without restriction while providing support and stability of the neck, back, arm, and shoulder muscles. “The dental professional sits on a stool for an average of eight hours per day, four days per week, and it can seriously affect the dental professional’s health,” remarked Aggie Pennington, DentalEZ senior equipment product manager. “We are pleased to introduce a product that is ergonomically designed to promote longevity of the dental professional’s career.”The Free-Motion Elbow Support System encompasses a high-strength design with solid-steel components. The integral skin-foam technology features a nonslip texture that is easy to disinfect and fluid-proof. Heavy-duty ball joints with tension adjustment knobs allow the elbow rests to glide horizontally with ideal resistance, and are adjustable from zero to fully fixed. For more information, visit or call (866) DTE-INFO.To comment on this product, go to