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Midmark names new cabinetry line

March 27, 2014
Redesigned line called Artian Expressions.

DAYTON, Ohio —Midmark has announced naming the company's redesigned cabinetry line as Artizan Expressions.

The name was inspired by the cabinets’ expressive style and unique design features, giving customers the ability to choose from several suggested designer-paired combinations or mix and match to create a look distinctly their own.

“Most dentists want their office to be a reflection of the quality care and service they provide to their patients,” said Cris Treon, Midmark product manager, dental cabinetry.

“Artizan Expressions, with its unique look and expressive style, will surely leave a positive, lasting impression on their patients and anyone who visits their office.”

For the dentist who wants a distinctive look, or is curious to explore more options, Midmark offers a new, exclusive color selector for Artizan Expressions and Integra Dental Casework. The easy-to-use digital tool helps a dentist findan individual style and visualize how practice operatory space will appear.

The color selector takes the dentist through a process of choosing a style, color palette selection, and the choice to customize that selection with additional available colors. The final design with color listings can be sent via email, posted to social media, or printed.

The new dental color selector can be downloaded as an iPad app.

For more information, call (800) MIDMARK or visit midmark.com.

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