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OnTrack from Patterson Dental streamlines business intelligence

Aug. 5, 2014
Patterson Dental re-launches OnTrack, a business intelligence software program for dental practices that allows users to identify and prioritize goals, measure progress, and plan future strategies for business growth and improvement.

Patterson Dental Supply Inc. has re-launched OnTrack, a business intelligence system designed for dental practices. This cloud-based web tool provides dental practices the opportunity to track and define important behavioral and financial factors, automatically builds key indicators to measure performance and goals, and provides solutions to achieve individually set objectives. OnTrack’s real-time analytics operate like a personal consultant for practices and allow for instant access to informational videos, educational tools, and progress results.

“In today’s rapid-paced dental environment, practices are constantly seeking ways to meet performance and financial goals, but they don’t always know how to measure and analyze current behaviors to help achieve those goals,” said Alan Johnson, the OnTrack Product Manager for Patterson Dental. “OnTrack’s real-time, customizable dashboard provides dental practices with the ability to track key behaviors and identify best practices, which ultimately helps a practice achieve tangible results and growth.”

OnTrack includes more than 300 different tracking indicators, such as production and intraoral camera usage, which are customizable to each practice’s focus. Using these tracking indicators, users can identify individual goals for practice improvement or growth and set benchmarks toward achieving those goals. Examples of goals might include increasing new patient referrals, increasing production, increasing intraoral camera use, improving patient retention, or associate development. The software helps users to turn their goals into a business plan through which they can manage day-to-day practice operations.

With OnTrack’s real-time analytics, users can track progress toward the goals they set, and they can examine the areas of their practice that are operating successfully, as well as areas that need improvement in order to reach the desired benchmarks. Metrics can be examined individually, by team, or across the practice as a whole.

OnTrack’s learning resources help users to determine what steps to take toward achieving the benchmarks they have set – or which steps to take next once benchmarks have been met – by providing users with specific advice from Mercer Advisors. For example, a user who needs to increase intraoral camera usage in their practice might find scripts for the team to use while practicing talking to patients about using intraoral cameras for treatment planning.

By combining real-time analytics with individualized team development tools and extensive learning resources, the OnTrack software blends business planning with practice management, making it a powerful tool for helping practices grow at their own pace. Available for $39 per month for Patterson Advantage customers, OnTrack results can increase practice efficiency while streamlining office and team member development and goal-setting. OnTrack can also serve as a tool for modifying employee behaviors to achieve practice goals by offering team coaching guides, new hire training initiatives, and employee performance evaluations. Additionally, OnTrack provides key messages to encourage client returns and referrals, as well as educational and personal development resources.

OnTrack is the culmination of more than 25 years of success while owned by Mercer Advisors and will continue to provide dental offices with invaluable knowledge in an easy-to-use and streamlined fashion. “At Patterson, we’re all about improvement. That’s why OnTrack is such a perfect fit to join our family of products. It’s the dental practice software that helps you help yourself,” said Johnson.

For more information, visit myontrack.com/get_started.php.