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The Canary System launches the Canary Cloud for caries management

Sept. 3, 2014
The Canary Cloud, a cloud-based program for caries-management, has been launched as a new feature in the Canary System from Quantum Dental Technologies.

Quantum Dental Technologies, the manufacturer of the Canary System, has released the Canary Cloud, which is designed to enable dentists and patients to make the most of their Canary experience.

The Canary System, with its unique crystal structure diagnostics, allows oral health providers to detect, track, and monitor tooth decay and cracks in teeth. The Canary Cloud then enables dentists to view and manage this data in an online environment, track Canary usage in the office, and keep up-to-date on Canary products and clinical news.

Now, dental offices can provide their patients with images, reports, and graphs that track their progress on their preventive programs immediately after their Canary Exams are completed. Armed with this information, patients can easily see if their home care regimens are helping to remineralize early stage lesions. With the Canary, patients become more engaged in their own oral health care, making them active partners in treating tooth decay.

The severity of a patient's caries is tracked over time on this chart from the Canary Cloud

Using the Canary Cloud, patients can also view and print their Canary Reports from the convenience of their own homes. All patient information is protected in accordance with HIPAA and PIPEDA requirements.

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“I am so excited about this latest feature in the Canary System. It makes patient engagement very easy and helps me to quickly track their progress,” said Dr. Stephen Abrams, founder of Quantum Dental Technologies. “No more looking at a series of radiographs to see if I can detect changes in small interproximal lesions or remember what the large brown or white spot on the buccal surface of a tooth looked like 6 months ago. Now I review my Canary scan images and instantly see graphs tracking how a lesion is responding over time, all on the Canary Cloud. We have moved caries management into the 21st century.”

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