July 8 Pearls

Pearls for Your Practice: MD Guide 2 in 1: Pilot Drill & Surgical Guide

July 7, 2014
Dr. Joe Blaes shares his experiences with products he likes with his peers

Dr. Joe Blaes reviews The MD Guide 2 in 1: Pilot Drill & Surgical Guide from Golden Dental Solutions.

The MD Guide provides an alternative method to fabricating a conventional surgical guide. As we know, using some sort of a surgical guide when placing implants to ensure they are properly positioned can be helpful, as a millimeter can make a real difference in the final implant crown fabrication. What is clinically useful about the MD Guide is that you are not changing your current surgical protocol or dental implant system. The MD Guide just allows you to drill a pilot hole more accurately in terms of mesiodistal spacing and parallelism.

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