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Medical Waste Machine addresses hazardous waste disposal

April 21, 2014
Product provides solution to ending use of a third-party hazardous waste service.

The Medical Waste Machine from Medical Innovations is a possible solution to a dental practice eliminating third-party hazardous waste service, according to Thomas C. Stokes II, DDS, a general dentist in Michigan City, Ind.

"The waste disposal machine is a small, countertop device that looks much like a commercial coffee thermos without a spigot," Dr. Stokes said.

"It sits in our sterilization room and serves both as a sharps container and a sterilization unit. Sharps and other hazardous waste can be dropped in a hole at the top, and when the canister is full, a special piece of plastic that resembles a hockey puck is placed on top of the waste and the machine is closed and turned on for processing. Processing heats the contents of the canister to sterilize them in addition to encapsulating them in the now-melted plastic from the 'hockey puck.' The result is a small block of non-regulated waste that can be thrown in the trash."

Continued Dr. Stokes: "Our Medical Innovations, Inc. Medical Waste Machine has provided the office with continuous use for more than 16 years, and has never needed replacement or repair. The only costs associated with the device is the small amount of electricity it draws and the meltable 'hockey pucks,' which is hundreds of dollars less a year than using a medical waste disposal company."

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