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DuraBraze diamond introduced

April 2, 2014
Diamond powered by SpotBrazing technology.

SAVANNAH, Georgia--Brasseler USA, a manufacturer of instrumentation, has introduced the DuraBraze crown and bridge preparation diamond.

A new technology, SpotBrazing, is employed in the design and manufacture of the DuraBraze diamond. This patented process improves the bonding and the spacing of the diamond crystals on the instrument.

According to Larry Rose, director of rotary innovation at Brasseler USA, “DuraBraze addresses key issues that the practitioner encounters in crown and bridge preparation, namely cutting degradation, resulting from either the premature detachment of diamond crystals or clogging of the diamond matrix by debris. Our feedback from practitioners was that they noticed a distinct difference in both the consistency and the longevity of the cut with the DuraBraze. DuraBraze is a substantial improvement for those practitioners who emphasize crown and bridge as a core competency.”

Other key features of DuraBraze include:

• Advanced self-cleaning channels: With more open spacing between diamond crystals, debris is easily removed and clogging is minimal. This results in fewer bur changes while saving time and money.
• Smoother performance and less vibration during bulk reduction.

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