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ProTaper Gold launched

May 2, 2014
ProTaper Gold from DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties offers increased flexibility and durability as compared to ProTaper Universal.

TULSA, Oklhoma--DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties has launched the next generation in its ProTaper rotary file line with ProTaper Gold.

ProTaper Gold’s proprietary advanced metallurgy creates a difference clinicians can see and feel. ProTaper Gold rotary files feature the same geometry as ProTaper Universal, but offer an increase in flexibility.

This is important in the finishing files, which must navigate challenging curves in the apical region of the canal. The files also feature a shorter, 11-millimeter handle for improved accessibility to teeth.

In addition to flexibility, ProTaper Gold provides more than twice the resistance to cyclic fatigue than ProTaper Universal. This provides a key advantage to clinicians since cyclic fatigue is the leading cause of file separation.

ProTaper Gold’s durability comes from a patented, progressively tapered design that serves to improve cutting efficiency and safety. Its convex triangular cross-section enhances cutting action while decreasing rotational friction between the blade of the file and dentin.

The noncutting tip design allows each instrument to safely follow the secured portion of the canal while the small flat area on the tip enhances the ability to find its way through soft tissue and debris.

ProTaper Gold creates the same predictable, variable tapered shapes as ProTaper Universal while delivering new advantages. Clinicians get enhanced flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue. ProTaper Gold uses the same rotary action and works with the same motors as ProTaper Universal.

The ProTaper Gold technique includes a series of shaping and finishing files designed for single-patient use.

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