Orascoptic Hdl 2 4x Es

Orascoptic launches lightweight high definition loupe

May 8, 2014
Loupe with micro-sized optics delivers lightweight comfort and visual clarity.

MIDDLETON, Wisconsin--Orascoptic has introduced the HDL 2.5x.

The loupe has micro-sized optics that deliver lightweight comfort and visual clarity. The HDL does not compromise on field size. The field depth of the HDL rivals that of the HiRes 2.5x, but the optical design is 25% smaller than its predecessor.

The HDL design leverages an elongated bezel to deliver steep declination angles for improved ergonomics. Each loupe also offers high definition resolution, creating an enhanced visual acuity for the clinician and better procedural outcomes for the patient.

Developed to have a generous field of view, clinicians can easily transition instruments into the viewing field. This can help to reduce examination and procedural times. The compact size of the HDL 2.5x also provides significant viewing space above the telescope, making it easy to read charts and consult with patients without having to remove one’s loupe.

While designed for performance, a clean, brushed metallic finish, and small profile add an esthetically pleasing element to the medical device. The loupe is available on all Orascoptic frame models and can be configured as a through-the-lens or a flip-up that employs a new advanced ergonomic hinge.

For more information, visit www.orascoptic.com.

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