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CarieScan Pro

March 28, 2012
The PRO not only indicates when restoration of a tooth is required, but also locates the lesion.
DUNDEE, Scotland--The new CarieScan PRO helps to revolutionize the way dentists diagnose caries in patients. With 94.8% accuracy in detecting caries and healthy tooth structure, the CarieScan PRO is a reliable tool in the dental industry. The PRO not only indicates when restoration of a tooth is required, but locates the lesion. This allows restorations (fillings) to be as small and cosmetically acceptable as possible.“It is now widely recognized that dental caries are often missed by even the most careful dental professional using conventional methods of detection,” said Craig Simpson, CarieScan’s head of sales and marketing. “The detection, activity assessment, and location of caries lesions are daily challenges for dental practitioners. The proven accuracy of the CarieScan PRO makes the product a must-have for patient care.”Patients and dentists benefit from a much quicker and more comfortable experience as a result of a functionality upgrade that increases the speed of measurements. Each measurement now takes less than a second, down from five seconds on the previous version. Additionally the classification reading of the 0-100 scale has also been further simplified into high, medium, and low probability categories, with specific advice for each identified category to help the dentist with caries treatment and intervention support.Related information, click here.The CarieScan PRO measures the carious state of teeth using a measurement method known as AC Impedance Spectroscopy technique, which allows for earlier detection. This increases proactive preventive care and more timely restorative work. It enables more accurate detection of “early” caries lesions not visible to the human eye and more extensive “hidden” lesions extending into dentine.The CarieScan PRO registers seven times fewer false positives than its closest competitor, minimizing the potential to drill on healthy teeth. It reduces the need for X-rays and provides quantifiable and repeatable output to allow for ongoing patient monitoring and an increase in repeat preventive treatments. The ease of use allows preparatory work to be done by hygienists to save time and money. The CarieScan PRO improves the overall patient experience, and offers an easy way to continuously monitor dental health. For more information, visit comment on this subject, go to