Henry Schein Dentrix G5

March 27, 2012
New version of Dentrix is an open platform for running applications that integrate directly with the Dentrix database.

Editor's note: This article was updated on February 17, 2014.

MELVILLE, New York--Henry Schein, a provider of health-care products and services to dental, medical, and animal health office-based practitioners, has announced the launch of Dentrix G5.

"Just like the Apple iPhone is a platform for thousands of iPhone applications, Dentrix G5 is now a platform for Dentrix-integrated applications," said Kevin Bunker, president, Henry Schein Practice Solutions. "Dentists will be able to use Dentrix G5-connected versions of their favorite applications that will access the database or become a new feature of Dentrix."

Added Steve Roberts, director of product strategy at Henry Schein Practice Solutions: "Dentrix G5 will further enhance practice efficiency by enabling a multitude of integrated applications to share data and functionality with Dentrix, effectively creating one digital office solution."

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To support the many developers writing for the Dentrix platform, Henry Schein launched the Dentrix Developer Program, which provides software developers with tools and a certification program for developing applications that work with Dentrix G5.

"More than 37 developers are now writing Dentrix-compatible applications that read from and, in some cases, write data directly to the Dentrix database," Roberts added. "We also have dozens more who are in the process of joining the Dentrix Developer Program. This means dentists will soon see a multitude of Dentrix-integrated applications that improve their use of Dentrix and build out their digital dental office."

Once developers certify their Dentrix application in the developer program, they can add a new "Dentrix G5 Connected" logo on their marketing materials, said Michael Allsop, director of marketing for Henry Schein Practice Solutions.

"The Dentrix G5 Connected logo helps Dentrix users easily identify applications designed for their system, and they can purchase with confidence knowing that the G5 Connected product will not only work with G5, but also with subsequent upgrades to Dentrix," Allsop said.

Dentrix G5 Connected applications will also be showcased on the Dentrix.com website, he added.

Other new features in Dentrix G5 include the Electronic Explanation of Benefits, which allows practices to receive, review and automatically record insurance payments and adjustments for claims submitted electronically using the Dentrix eClaims software. Insurance claims are now validated pre-submission and the user is prompted to include attachments on insurance claims for carriers that require them through eClaims Attachment Notifications, thereby reducing rejected or pended claims.

The new screen capture utility allows users to drag over any part of the visible screen to create a new document and save it to the document center, a particularly helpful feature for creating claims attachments from third-party imaging systems. Dentrix Dentalink provides secure instant messaging, enabling users to easily communicate throughout the office with minimal disruption to patient care and workflow.

The new Dentrix Mobile upgrade is an add-on product that presents an improved interface designed specifically for Apple iPad and Motorola Xoom tablet users.

For more information, visit the Henry Schein Web site at www.henryschein.com.

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