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LeEject system approved in Europe

April 3, 2012
Advanced Technology & Capital Receives CE clearance to distribute Iis LeEject Dental Safety Syringe and Needle System in Europe
Englewood Cliffs, NJ — Advanced Technology & Capital announced today that it has received CE approval (Conformité Européenne) and will now offer its LeEject Dental Safety Syringe and Needle products in Europe to select distributors.The LeEject Dental Safety Syringe and Needle system addresses needlestick injury concerns by eliminating the need for needle recapping and unscrewing. LeEject needles are side-loaded into specially designed LeEject syringes and secured by the anesthetic cartridge. After injection and removal of the anesthetic cartridge, the syringe is simply placed and rotated over a sharps container and the needle is effortlessly discarded. In addition, the LeEject system offers the same self-aspirating feature you would expect to find in premium priced syringes on the market today, yet will be offered at a lower cost through select European distributors.“The main advantage of the self-aspirating LeEject system is that it eliminates the need to recap and unscrew used and contaminated dental needles,” said Dr. Alexander Lee, inventor of the LeEject system and practicing oral and maxillofacial surgeon. “As European Union countries consider legislation to ban the practice of recapping dental needles, dental safety needles, like LeEject will grow in importance in the fight to reduce needlestick injuries, especially among younger dental students, residents, and hygienists.” The LeEject system will be initially offered free-of-charge to selected dental schools and hospitals for clinical evaluation. For more information or to inquire about LeEject distribution opportunities worldwide, contact Advanced Technology & Capital’s U.S office, or visit

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