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Motivate kids to brush with Star Wars toothbrush

May 7, 2012
New survey finds that the type of toothbrush used can help children establish better oral care habits
In response to the ever growing need for better oral care in children, Sunstar GUM® has launched the GUM Star WarsTM line of toothbrushes, featuring three different products in a variety of Star Wars character designs that were developed to help make brushing fun, as well as create healthy dental habits that last.A national survey of 100 dentists found that making brushing fun (99%), and the type of toothbrush used (99%), can help motivate children to brush their teeth and establish a healthy dental care routine. The new line of GUM Star Wars toothbrushes help to provide motivation for young Star Wars fans, and can get children excited about brushing with some of their favorite characters:
  • The GUM Star Wars Lightsaber™ toothbrush offers timed brushing assistance for children. The ADA recommends brushing for two minutes to effectively remove plaque from teeth, and the GUM Star Wars Lightsaber toothbrush flashes for 60-second intervals to encourage one minute maxillary and one minute mandibular brushing. Plus interdental trim bristles align with the interdental arch to gently remove plaque between teeth. 100% of dentists surveyed agree that a timer-light toothbrush like this one may make it easier for children to brush for the proper amount of time.
  • The GUM Star Wars manual toothbrush features a Dome Trim® bristle design, clinically proven to provide exceptional plaque removal on tooth surfaces and clean below the gum line while supporting the recommended 45⁰ angle. The GUM Star Wars manual toothbrush also features a soft thumb pad for no-slip grip.
  • The GUM Star Wars power toothbrush features ultra soft oscillating bristles that gently massage gums and clean teeth, along with a suction cup base that reduces counter clutter and helps keep the brush head clean. 9% of dentists surveyed agree that a power toothbrush like this one may make it easier for children to brush properly.

For the first time in 40 years, the number of preschoolers with cavities has increased, according to a report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Dr. Michael Ignelzi, DDS, PhD, spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and consultant to the American Dental Association’s Council on Dental Practice, stated this could be due to increased intake of sugary or acidic substances that erode the teeth, or possibly even to poor brushing habits. In fact, more than 75% of dentists surveyed say that children don’t brush properly, and 90% say they don’t brush long enough.

"As a dentist who regularly sees young children with cavities, I know how important it is to instill healthy habits beginning with the first dental visit by age one," says Dr. Ignelzi. "I'm excited about the new line of GUM Star Wars toothbrushes and the potential they have to make these habits easy to establish."

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