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3M ESPE Lva Plus

May 7, 2012
Formula of the Lava Plus zirconia system provides higher translucency and beauty, without compromising strength. 
ST. PAUL, Minnesota--3M ESPE has introduced Lava Plus High Translucency Zirconia, a new zirconia CAD/CAM system designed to deliver the esthetics of a layered restoration from all-zirconia.

Compared to other shaded zirconia materials, the formula of the Lava Plus zirconia system provides higher translucency and beauty, without compromising strength. Created with special chemistry and processing, Lava Plus all-zirconia material provides strength and resists chipping.

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With its patented shading technology, the Lava Plus zirconia system enables highly esthetic all-zirconia or traditional layered restorations. With the esthetic improvements offered by the Lava Plus zirconia system, one-piece all-zirconia restorations are an affordable alternative to PFM or full cast metal restorations.

The esthetics of the zirconia block allows natural, warm colors to shine from the inside of dental crowns and dental bridges. With the patented shading system of Lava Plus zirconia, offer patients options for custom shading and individualization. This helps to maintain the translucency of the restoration.

With 18 colors and eight Lava Plus Effect Shades, the zirconia block system gives dentists options for individualization. Customization of the zirconia block is also made more predictable. Lava Plus is a CAD/CAM zirconia system that matches the VITA Classical A1-D4 shades, including the bleached shades. It is also a zirconia block system that features direct conversion to the most common VITA SYSTEM 3D-MASTER Shades.

In addition to esthetics, the Lava Plus zirconia system maintains the strength of zirconia. Without a porcelain overlay, one-piece restorations made with the all-zirconia block are strong and are not exposed to chipping. Scientific data also shows that Lava all-zirconia has antagonist preserving wear properties and is not abraded or roughened under occlusal load.

The Lava Plus zirconia block system’s ease of use extends from its preparation requirements, to adjustments, to cementation. The Lava Plus zirconia system makes it easy to respect important tooth-preserving preparation guidelines, as the zirconia block can be milled with as little as 0.3 mm minimum wall thickness for anterior single unit restorations and 0.5-mm minimum wall thickness for posterior restorations. This zirconia block material requires three times less occlusal preparation than lithium disilicate glass ceramic because of its three times greater strength.

Furthermore, adjustments are made easy. If minor intraoral adjustments to the zirconia block are necessary, dentists can use a fine diamond bur with water-cooling and continue with a standard rubber polisher set for ceramic materials. For the mandatory high-shine polishing finish, a diamond polishing paste and a suitable polishing brush are all that is necessary.

Finally, cementation is also simplified for the Lava Plus zirconia block. Due to their strength, Lava Plus zirconia restorations can be cemented using either an adhesive resin dental cement, such as RelyX Ultimate Adhesive Resin Cement (which is suited for CAD/CAM or glass ceramic restorations) or a self-adhesive resin dental cement like RelyX Unicem 2 Self-Adhesive Resin Cement.

With esthetics, high strength and ease of use, the Lava Plus zirconia system is redefining the possibilities of delivering the beauty of a layered restoration in all-zirconia.

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