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Diatech finishing strips

May 15, 2012
Strips are sterilizable and can be reused to cut down on costs.

CHARLESTON, South Carolina--With an easy-to-use quality and the benefit of one product to do finishing and polishing, Diatech Diamond Finishing Strips are gaining approval.

“We do a lot of Invisalign cases in our office, and the Diatech Diamond Finishing Strips are perfect for these cases,” said Oklahoma's Robert Mongrain, DMD.

“They’re easy to grip and easy to use, and they do a great job of providing excellent interproximal reduction. The handles on the strips allow a superior grip when working in the interproximal. The fine quality of the diamond strip and thin metal make it much easier to initiate the reduction in tight interproximals.”

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The diamond finishing strips polish proximal surfaces in clinical applications. The product is sterilizable, and can be reused to cut down on costs. The ergonomic grip allows for better control and provides length for improved finger support for enhanced safety. Each strip has two color-coded grits.

“The diamond finishing strips provide superior quality and value for our dental clients,” said Diatech President Alicia Oliver. “The ability to do the finishing and polishing with one product makes the diamond finishing strips a must for dentists that want the best for their patients.”

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