Implantology ... on the iPad

May 9, 2012
This device paves the way for a new generation of medical equipment.

BienAir Dental has released a new iPad controlled implantology system, the iChiropro. One of the people most qualified to explain the system is Marco Gallina, VP of product management for BienAir Dental. Here is an interview with him entitled iChiropro — A Revolutionary Concept

Q: Implantology and iPad: innovation or opportunism?
MG: Thanks to this surprising alliance, we are proud to have opened the door to some magnificent technological advances in the medtech domains! Controlling the iChiropro, the iPad is no mere gadget. It enables brand new, practical functions, as well as being even simpler than ever to use.

Q: What is the motivation behind the development of this exceptional system?
MG: BienAir, a leader in the manufacture of micromotors, has been active in the field of implantology for many years. After developing several systems designed for fitting implants, we wanted to push the boundaries of
innovation with a revolutionary concept. With the iChiropro, we are distinguishing ourselves from the competition with our system, which offers incomparable performance levels.

Q: What are the main innovations the iChiropro offers?
MG: First of all, the interaction between the practitioner and their iChiropro is unprecedented and extremely user-friendly. In terms of its functionality, the application allows multiple users to customise and store their own sequences. The iChiropro is the only device that allows users to save, export, and print all operation parameters while documenting these with the patient data and the implants used. It includes a database featuring the main brands of implant on the market, as well as their predefined settings, making it a quick and high-performance tool.

Q: What has particularly impressed practitioners?
MG: Users operate and adjust the settings on the iChiropro using the iPad's touchscreen display and our attractive and ergonomically-designed bespoke application. If necessary, the operation parameters can be preprogrammed outside the practice and used several times, saving a great deal of time. The option to save operation data then enables practitioners to keep a full history of each operation performed, which is vital in the event of a dispute. BienAir Dental will also be regularly updating the iChiropro application so it will be packed full of innovative and practical functions.

Q: Who is the iChiropro designed for?
MG: That's simple! The iChiropro is designed for any implantologist who is looking for greater comfort at work, who is focused on the performance of his or her facilities, and who wants to save time.

Q: Don't you worry that using an iPad in the medical field might not be well received?
MG: The iChiropro has been successfully approved as a Class II medical device. That said, the iPad has a control interface function, while the motor and its various peripherals are controlled by the system's electronics. It is also possible to apply a sterile film to the touchscreen display. To answer your question more fully, practitioners all over the world collectively expressed their interest and were very enthusiastic when the prototypes of this new implantology system were presented. Many of them described it as "indispensable."

Q: Finally, what does the future hold for BienAir Dental, in your opinion?
MG: We are going to maintain our high-end positioning and the excellent level of quality of our products, strengthen our "Swiss Made" image, and continue to surprise everyone by focusing on innovative and high-tech developments, with the ultimate goal of simplifying practitioners' work.

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