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Introducing Sensibles Universal Sensor Positioner

May 15, 2012
From Flow Dental
Deer Park, NY — SensiblesTM from Flow Dental are dentists' all-in-one Sensor bite block. One bite block per patient is all you need. The unique ratcheting grip mechanism allows you to change on-the-fly from a size 2 horizontal posterior to a size 1 upper anterior. One bite block does all your anterior and posterior X-rays. This works with the RAPiD aiming rings and positioning bars so there’s no worry about cone cutting or elongation of the image.The complete Sensibles Kit includes bite blocks, aiming rings, and alignment arms, and Comfee Sensor Sleeves. Economically priced and fully autoclavable, new Sensibles are the sensible way to take digital X-rays.For more information or to order, contact your local dealer or visit

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