XLDent release

May 8, 2012
XLDent takea advantage of wireless PC technology with the 11.7 release.

XLDent takes advantage of wireless PC technology with the 11.7 release.

Treatment plans can now be signed by the patient and doctor using tablet PC Ink technology. This solution streamlines treatment presentation to patients and increases case acceptance. Signed treatment plans can also be sent via email to the patient and stored directly to the patient’s document archive for a paperless solution.

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The document archive has been enhanced to include support for storing documents in other formats, including Adobe and all Microsoft Office formats. This gives the office more flexibility for storage.

Since more offices are wanting to create a better patient experience during the check-in process, new themes and skins to the XLCheckIn screens have been added. This helps present a more inviting "first impression" of a dental practice.

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