Angled overdenture abutments

Aug. 19, 2010
New Legacy abutments provide versatility for greater overdenture treatment plan flexibility and case acceptance.

CALABASAS HILLS, California--New Legacy angled overdenture abutments provide versatility at approximately half the cost of comparable abutments for greater overdenture treatment plan flexibility and case acceptance.

Dentists can choose between 15° or 30° angled abutments for use with numerous internal-hex implants industrywide that range in size from diameters of 3.3 mm to 6.0 mm.

The Legacy angled overdenture abutments’ compatibility with nine implants across the Legacy system allows dentists to treatment plan with an assortment of body types and diameters that use a single surgical kit.

Simplicity is also evident in the abutment design that enables dentists to easily seat the abutment screw without comprising the integrity of the oral cavity seal--unlike some current market offerings. In addition to screw-retained prostheses, the angled abutment base may be used with the clinician’s preferred overdenture attachment system when combined with a ball top or a GPS abutment top with LOCATOR-compatible profile (sold separately).

The 15° and 30° angled abutments are available for 3.5-mm and 4.5-mm platforms. The all-in-one packaging includes an abutment screw, transfer, screw-receiving top and comfort cap along with abutment base.

Available in a variety of body designs, Legacy™ system implants feature the internal bevel/hex platform developed by Dr. Gerald Niznick in 1986 (US Pat. 4,960,381). The common prosthetic platform enhances treatment planning flexibility and color-coding simplifies implant identification.

While the thread design, aggressiveness of self-tapping grooves, packaging, and diameter options vary by implant, Legacy system implants are designed with Implant Direct’s patented micro-threads for increased stability and double-lead threads for faster insertion. All-in-one packaging helps ensure that each implant includes a cover screw and 2-mm healing collar.

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