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Powder Can Spray formula unveiled

Aug. 20, 2010
Spray helps provide a new dimension in CAD/CAM optical imaging.
BREA, California--VITA has unveiled a new formula of Powder Scan Spray that allows you to work more efficiently and effectively. The new formulation, with a high concentration of powder and special spray nozzle, helps ensure a high yield for greater efficiency. This makes it possible to achieve a homogenous masking layer with precise reproduction of tooth contours. VITA’s Powder Scan Spray adjusts the optical reflective properties of dentin and enamel for recording of margins and tooth anatomy when scanning optical impressions. The blue-colored pigment suspension permits a uniform application of powder to ensure a detailed reproduction of margins. The new Powder Scan Spray is suitable for direct (intraoral) and indirect (model) application and comes in a 75-ml canister .

The spray is economical, convenient, and long-lasting. The specially designed spray nozzle facilitates control of the application and can be turned 360 degrees to reach intraoral quadrants. The fast-drying powder is available in mint flavor and can be removed with simple water spray.

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