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Sept. 23, 2010
MiniLED BLACK from ACTEON has a 10-second fast cure mode.
ACTEON North America has introduced the MiniLED BLACK curing light. MiniLED Black is a high-quality, yet affordable, curing light. The cordless LED curing light is powered by three AA batteries. The MiniLED BLACK has a 10-second fast cure mode and has a power output of 1,250 mW/cm2. This high-power output, combined with a spectrum of light emitted (420 to 480 nm), makes it able to efficiently cure composites. The MiniLED Black also has a lightweight (4.76 oz), ergonomic pen style design with a 360° rotating light guide for ease of use. The light and has no fan to help with reduced risk of cross contamination. MiniLED Black is delivered with batteries included, and its light shield functions as a stand to prevent the light from rolling when not in use. For more information, go to read more about ACTEON, go to ACTEON.To comment on this product, go to