Hager Comfort Fit S (Slim)

Sept. 14, 2010
Hager Comfort Fit S (Slim) offers 6% smaller frame for workers with slimmer facial profiles.

Hager Comfort Fit S (Slim) is the latest addition to the Hager Worldwide eyewear family.

Soft, flexible “fingers” on the nosepiece conform to a variety of facial profiles helping minimize slippage while padded temple to temple tips provide comfort.

The advantages of the Hager Comfort Fit S (Slim) include:

• Ventilation channel between frame and lens that vents the eye socket area delivering moisture and fog control

• Economical and easy lens replacement system allows for multiple lens tints and extended life of eyewear

• Multiple models in a family offers standardization while offering workers choice

• Lifetime frame guarantee

The Hager Comfort Fit S (Slim) offers wrap around, nine-base unilens style for peripheral vision and coverage.

Hager Comfort Fit S (Slim) is available in clear, amber, gray, dark gray, and SCT-reflect 50 lens tints.

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