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Hu-Friedy implant abutment

June 7, 2010
Kit and protocol give clinicians a useful guide for the care and maintenance of dental implants.
CHICAGO, Illinois--Hu-Friedy, a leader in the manufacturing of dental instruments, has introduced an implant maintenance care starter kit that features implant safe probes and scalers and a protocol of best practices.Th kit and protocol give clinicians a useful guide for the care and maintenance of dental implants. Hu-Friedy reviewed white papers and research studies and partnered with implant care experts, including the Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries. The company then applied the findings into comprehensive new material including Frequently Asked Questions, and introduced an implant care checklist developed by ADIA to provide practitioners with the best practices for implant care. To sustain dental implants, practitioners monitor and support tissue and bone health, offering patients counsel regarding home-care activities. A critical component of these activities involves the use of scalers, which can affect the implant abutment surface topography. Alterations in abutment surface conditions can increase susceptibility to bacterial plaque and deposit accumulation. The Hu-Friedy Total Solution features Implacare implant scalers to achieve implant maintenance results and Colorvue probes with yellow tips and black markings for reading. Unlike commonly used resin instruments that contain glass and graphite fillers, or traditional metal instruments that can alter or scratch implant abutment and restorative surfaces, Hu-Friedy’s instruments help preserve smooth implant surfaces.According to Lynn D. Terracciano-Mortilla, RDH, executive director of the Association of Dental Implant Auxiliaries, “The Hu-Friedy Total Solution Implant Maintenance Starter Kit provides instruments and guidelines that can form the cornerstone for implant sustainability. With the addition of a best practices protocol, dental teams and their patients are empowered with the expertise and rationale to perform at their best. In fact, I strongly recommend the use of these instruments and the accompanying protocol for staff training, procedural implementation and documentation.”For more information about the Implant Maintenance Care Kit and the line of Hu-Friedy implant maintenance solutions, call 800-HU-FRIEDY or visit read more about Hu-Friedy, go to Hu-Friedy.To comment on this product, go to