GrindGuard available

Dec. 2, 2010
Device helps reduce chairtime, can be easily formed in the office, and is budget-friendly.

LAKE ORION, Michigan--A new mouth guard for clenching and grinding is now available for dentists with the promise of reducing chair time. The device can be formed in the office in minutes at a low cost that to positively impact a practice’s bottom line.

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GrindGuardN, invented by Joe Pelerin, DDS, is a patented, FDA-approved mouth guard that is less costly than similar products.

GrindGuardNN can be purchased online to buyers for $50, but many consumers have expressed a desire to have their dentist install the device rather than self-fitting at home. Dr. Pelerin is making GrindGuardN available to dentists at a bulk rate discount.

Dr. Pelerin’s invention stands apart because of its patented Central Power Bar that releases the stimulus for clenching, thereby reducing clenching and grinding activity by 70%.

“GrindGuardN is far superior for dentists because it comes with a plastic liner that is easily softened and formed by the dentist without using a lab,” said Dr. Pelerin.

“My device is unique because its Central Power Bar concentrates forces on both the upper and lower midline at the same time, creating a double stimulus for release of clenching and grinding actions. Unlike NTI devices, my appliance offers posterior support in the bicuspid area so there is less chance of trauma to the anterior teeth.”

Advantages GrindGuardN include:

* The device can be formed to the teeth in the office within minutes, and can be refitted multiple times.
* Because of the shell construction, GrindGuardN self-adjusts to everyone’s bite. This eliminates the need to involve a laboratory.
* Less chairtime; only takes a maximum of 15 minutes from the time the patient first sits down in the chair and the time they leave.
* Approved as a prescription by the FDA.
* Less chance of damage to or movement of the anterior teeth and offers some support to the posterior area. GrindGuardN covers eight teeth, compared to some devices that only treat the front four teeth or the full arch horseshoe devices that are difficult for many to wear.
* Money-back guarantee if not satisfied.

A practicing dentist for more than 30 years, GrindGuard is Dr. Pelerin’s 11th patented invention. Among the better known of his inventions are Matrix Buttons, used to make impressions for temporary crowns, ThermTray1--which is an impression tray for crowns and bridges--and Hemaseal & Cide Desensitizer.

“I’ve invented some 10 products but I take the greatest pleasure from inventing GrindGuard because of the terrific, life-changing results that patients experience,” explained Dr. Pelerin. “I have personally suffered 25 years with clenching and grinding and tried every available device during that time. GrindGuard is not only effective but comfortable and is the best device I have ever used.”

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