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CarrieScan launch

Oct. 1, 2010
Company establishes a North American presence with new office in Charlotte, N.C.
CHARLOTTE, North Carolina--CarieScan has announced establishing a North American presence with a new office in Charlotte. The office is responsible for the sales and marketing of the CarieScan PRO, sold exclusively through Patterson Dental. The CarieScan PRO is an accurate, easy-to-use handheld device for the early detection and monitoring of dental caries (tooth decay). It not only measures the presence of tooth decay, but also identifies lesions at an early stage, and is more than 90% accurate in detecting sound and carious teeth. Such a degree of accuracy helps reduce false positives. The CarieScan PRO enables reliable early identification of caries. The device provides accurate, quantifiable, and repeatable data to monitor caries over time. This kind of validity is key for evidence-based care plans and helps ensure timely preventative treatment. “We believe that CarieScan PRO is an essential device for progressive dentists and hygienists who value prevention,” said Graham Lay, chief executive officer of 3D Diagnostics Imaging.Added Richard Whatley, president of sales and marketing: “We are thrilled to have a presence in the North American market, and are enthusiastic for a landmark year.”For more information on CarieScan PRO, visit or call (877) 580-7226.To read more about CarieScan, go to CarieScan.To comment on this product, go to