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Zeltek Mouth Guard cleaner now available in U.S.

Oct. 26, 2010
Easy-to-use cleaning tablets eliminate bacteria and keep mouth guards hygienically clean.
NEW YORK – Zeltek announces online availability of its antibacterial mouth guard cleaning tablets in the U.S. Developed by dental professionals and FDA-approved, Zeltek cleaning tablets eliminate harmful bacteria and germs that flourish in sporting mouth guards and orthodontic trainers. “Mouth guards of all kinds, especially those worn during sporting activities, are a breeding ground for bacterial growth, as germs easily get trapped in crevices of the material if it is not cleaned properly,” said Limore Noach, president of Batavi Corp USA, which makes Zeltek products. “Zeltek antibacterial cleaning tablets remove these germs to reduce the risk of oral infection, leaving the guard hygienically clean with a fresh minty taste and no discoloration.” Zeltek cleaning tablets are easier and safer than brushing procedures or using the dishwasher to clean mouth guards. Dissolve one Zeltek tablet in lukewarm water, and soak the mouth guard for a minimum of 15 minutes, to as long as overnight. Rinse the guard under running water, dry and store. Clean after every use. The effervescent solution hygienically cleans the entire surface and removes stains, plus leaves behind a fresh taste. Studies have shown that bacteria get trapped in the crevices and pores of mouth guards. If not cleaned properly, the heat and moisture added with every use furthers the spread of bacteria, yeasts and molds. This can lead to harmful infectious and inflammatory disease such as gum or even blood infections. The Zeltek antibacterial solution was developed to make hygienic mouth guard cleaning easy and prevent infection. Tablets are sold in packs of 12 and made in Germany, approved by the United States FDA.

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