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Discus Dental Moxie

Oct. 11, 2010
Discus unveils new total-etch and self-etch and universal bonding agent.
CULVER CITY, California--Discus Dental has announced release of a new line of light-curable adhesives, Moxie TE and Moxie SE. Moxie’s acetone-free and solvent-free formula delivers bond strength between composite and enamel or dentin. Because of its formulation, Moxie is less technique-sensitive. It helps eliminate concerns of over-drying during application, making it easy to use. “The addition of Moxie TE and Moxie SE to the Discus line of restorative products demonstrates the company’s commitment to delivering the latest technologies which provide both function and aesthetics in restorative procedures,” said Robert Cartagena, COO of Discus Dental. “Discus’ mission is to help our customers, the dental professional, be more successful in the eyes of their customers --the dental patient. Moxie is designed to do this very thing.”Moxie TE also boasts a single-coat application of primer and bonding agent in one bottle. This can help reduce patient chair-time and lead to more efficient restorative procedures. Moxie’s performance was rigorously tested and verified by Reality Publishing, an industry-recognized evaluator of dental materials and equipment. Moxie TE and SE are also available in single-dose units for convenience and procedure simplicity. For more information about Moxie TE and Moxie SE, visit or contact customer service at (800) 422-9448.To read more about Discus Dental, go to Discus Dental.To comment on this product, go to