ProDrive push button turbine

July 15, 2010
Turbine system designed for Midwest Quiet-Air high-speed handpieces.

MONTREAL Canada--ProDrive Systems has announced expansion of its upgrade turbine models designed to outperform friction grip and increase handpiece performance.

ProDrive has introduced a push button turbine system for Midwest Quiet-Air high-speed handpieces. In addition to the new turbine system, customers have access to ProDrive Upgrade Turbines for Midwest Tradition Push Button and Lever handpieces, as well as for XGT and Quiet-Air Lever versions.

Unlike traditional friction grip design, ProDrive’s patented engaged turbine and triangular bur system locks together for improved cut performance, control and precision. The triangular shape prevents rotation of the bur inside the turbine, and results in a more durable and reliable performance as compared to friction grip design.

ProDrive Upgrade Turbines ship with a one-year warranty, including bearings.

“Customer response has been overwhelming, and we at ProDrive are excited about the upcoming months”, said Richard St-Pierre, ProDrive Systems president & CEO. “We are proud of the research and development that has been done to bring our products into the marketplace, and we continue to focus on our customers needs in order to provide them with the next level in handpiece performance.”

ProDrive handpieces, turbines, and burs are available through authorized dealers across the U.S. and Canada.

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