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COSMESCORE Buildup Material

May 17, 2010
Product is a dual-cure, automix resin core material from Cosmedent.
COSMECoRE is dual-cure, automix resin core material from Cosmedent developed to provide high strength in core build-ups. Easy-to-use, COSMECoRE eliminates the need for hand-mixing, has flowability with no slump and preps like tooth structure. Following polymerization, COSMECoRE hardens with strength characteristics similar to dentin. The material is radiopaque to distinguish from tooth structure and light cures to a depth of more than 7 mm. COSMECoRE is available in three shades (A2, White, and Blue) to either match tooth structure or shaded to easily differentiate core material from tooth structure. COSMECoRE’s advantages include being strong to help ensure a long-lasting result, material cuts cleanly and preps easily, stacks well and will not slump, no mixing or mess, radiopaque to distinguish from tooth structure, handling properties, and it iseconomical (one core build-up pays for the tube).

COSMECoRE is available in 50 gM cartridges.

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