Biological indicators available from Hu-Friedy

May 3, 2010
Company introduces 100-vial pack of SporeCheck Biological Indicators that require no mixing.

CHICAGO, Illinois--Hu-Friedy, a leader in the manufacture of denal instruments, has announced the introduction of a 100-pack of SporeCheck Biological Indicators.

The cost-effective, new 100-vial pack helps ensure that dental offices are in compliance with government guidelines and that patient protection receives high priority.

The self-contained SporeCheck indicator vials require no mixing, thus reducing the chance of error. The vials are compatible with steam sterilizers. They display an obvious color change if resuts are positive after incubation.

The Hu-Friedy SporeCheck system provides inoffice results in 24 hours as compared to sterilizer mail-in testing services that can take as long as 10 days to handle material shipping, preparation, and interpretation.

"Our long-standing commitment is to make the job of the dental professional as easy as possible," Hu-Friedy President and CEO Ron Saslow said. "The 100-vial SporeCheck pack allows the office to maximize patient protection and sound business by providing peace of mind, speed, control, and all at a meaningful cost savings."

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