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Product review: Poseidon Oral Irrigator and Sonic Toothbrush Set

Sept. 18, 2017
Crystal Elder Eschbach, RDH, BS, reviews the Poseidon Oral Irrigator and Sonic Toothbrush Set.
POSEIDON'S ORAL IRRIGATOR AND SONIC TOOTHBRUSH SET IS A GREAT ASSET to any home dental hygiene routine. Both the oral irrigator and toothbrush come with three color-coded brush heads and irrigator tips. Both have a two-minute timer and three different modes to meet the varying needs of your patients. The toothbrush also has a 30-second interval timer to ensure that each quadrant of the mouth is cleaned thoroughly and evenly.

The oral irrigator is cordless, and the water reservoir attaches to the back of the irrigator. Compared to corded irrigators with stationary reservoirs, this irrigator is easy to use and take with you on business trips, vacations, etc. There are two different places to fill the reservoir, which also detaches for easy cleaning.

A single base charges both the irrigator and the sonic toothbrush, so the unit takes up less space on the bathroom counter and conveniently keeps both products charged. On both the toothbrush and irrigator, the handles are wide, and the power and mode buttons are easy to press. Both of these features are handy for patients with limited dexterity.

Although I would feel confident recommending this irrigator-toothbrush unit to any of my adult patients, I think this product would be most beneficial for older patients, patients with limited dexterity, and patients who have trouble using traditional string floss for any reason.

The price of the unit seems to be comparable to other brands. Replacement toothbrush heads and irrigator tips are affordable and easily available from the manufacturer. The Poseidon website also has several different styles of irrigator tips for different oral care needs.

Both the sonic toothbrush and the oral irrigator are easy to use and clean. The convenience of having both products with the same compact base makes the Portable Oral Irrigator and Sonic Toothbrush Set a great asset to any home dental hygiene routine.

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Crystal Elder Eschbach, RDH, BS, graduated from Blinn College's dental hygiene program in 2013 and worked as a hygienist for three years. She then returned to school and earned a bachelor’s degree in biomedical science from Tarleton State University in 2017. She is currently a hygienist in private practice in Lampasas, Texas. She enjoys spending time with her husband, Tyler, and volunteering with the Erath County First Responders as an EMT.

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